About us

The History of the watch manufacturer VR started in 1920, in the heart of the Jura Mountains, home of the French watchmaking tradition, and a few kilometers  from the Swiss border.

From the start, the company specialized in the manufacture and assembling of mechanical watches.

With its savoir-faire, the factory designed, assembled and manufactured a collection of 25 "Prestige" models. Each of these French-made watches featured a 45 hours autonomy. At the same time, numerous prestigious watch brands called upon the skills of VR for the assembly of specific movements (3 1/2 FHF, 6 ETA, etc.) and high-complication pieces, both for mechanical and quartz technologies.

The four successive VR generations at the head of the company succeeded in adapting the technical innovations to the market trends.

To this day, the VR watches have been known for their style and reliability. They are commercialized worldwide and continue to be a reference in the work of precious metals and diamonds.

When VR meets the 7th Art: the Cadrage model

The famous Cadrage watch becomes the signature piece of the brand in 1994.  Its unique style perfectly refers to the world of the movies, with its perforated case that evokes a cinematographic film photogram. In 1995, the brand is recognized and awarded at the ceremony of the Cadrans D'or. The watch is also chosen by the members of the Cannes Festival to become the official watch of the Caméra d'or.

Worn by famous people such as the French directors Claude Sautet and Claude Lelouch, or the actresses Jeanne Moreau and Michèle Morgan, the model becomes an international success.

Exported in more than 30 countries, the brand is associated to great events like the French Cinépanorama in HK in 1997 and the Sotchi Festival in Russia.